What makes a consultant an inevitable part of your business

Getting away from the clutches of managers and beginning your own firm is something most people dream of. But it’s not an easy process, it’s indeed a challenging one that involves careful planning and execution. When it comes to a country like UAE, that opens door to myriad of opportunities, the risk level increases. Thousands of questions cross your mind regarding the location of your company, type of company formation and many more. If you are a person who is aware of the rules and regulations related to company formation in UAE, you might have a better idea and execution won’t be a tough process. But again, dealing with government departments is not a cakewalk.

business consultant can make your job easier and let you concentrate on other important aspects of your business. They help you achieve your goals and save you from lot of hurdles.

Why is a business consultant essential?

They take up the role of advisors

UAE is home to numerous free zones and the number of offshore destinations are also on the rise. Where will you establish your firm? Free zone, offshore or mainland. Even if you decide upon a free zone, the next question is, which free zone? While you might have heard of the different free zones in UAE, the one that best suits your industry, is something you may not be aware of. A business consultant can help you tackle the problem. They are better aware of the market and the opportunities it offers. They can help you with feasibility studies and suggest the most ideal location to start your company in.

They help you with various aspects of business setup

Starting a business isn’t all about choosing a location, it is a combination of diverse complicated processes. You need to obtain a license, submit your documents and ensure that all rules and regulations are complied with. The rules are different for each type of company formation and also, each free zones have their own specific set of regulations. A business consultant will stand by you from the initial phase to the final one and they will make sure that all the procedures are dealt with extreme care.

Dealing with government departments

Business incorporation in UAE requires you to work with numerous government departments such as Department of Economic Development (DED), Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) and a lot more. Considering the stricter rules in these government departments, even a slight mistake can do major harm. Business Consultants work with these departments on a regular basis and hence they will have a fair idea about the dealings.

Saves time and money

The first question that comes to your mind must be, how about the cost of hiring a business consultant? You will have to shed money on a professional business consultant firm. But that will be meager compared to the fines or penalties you might have to pay in case of any errors. A business consultant ensures that there are nil chances of error. When you have an expert to run around and take care of chores, your time can be used more productively.

Once you make up your mind to hire a business consultant, the next task is finding the right one. With the business consultant industry in UAE booming, you will be presented with countless choices and selecting the appropriate one is indeed a tough call. You should learn the art of separating wheat from the chaff and hire a consultant who is passionate about his work, not the one who forces his business on you for money.


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