Why does an Organization Need a Consultancy Service?

There are many business firms which are working to accomplish all their goals and they do time and again with the help of expert advices of the experienced people within the organization. But even if the business officials know what to do and how to handle the various business circumstances, many times some situations arrive in a broader economic environment where there are chances that many unforeseen circumstances may occur which the company may not be able to cope with. This is where the role of a good consultancy service provider begins.

There are certain major areas where a particular consultancy service can help out with:

  • In the Vision and Mission development:

These consultancy services assist the top management officials of the organization to build the vision and mission of the organization.

They also offer the service of broadcasting and instilling the vision as well as the mission among the employees

  • In the making of the organizational structure design and its development:

A tailored survey is conducted in order to get a clean and clear understanding of two major facets, they are:

  1. The prime factors of the business that the management body needs to focus on in order to enhance the productivity.
  2. What is the employees’ level of satisfaction with the organization due to the key parameters that put an effect on them?
  • In the Organizational Assessment Survey:

Firstly they study and analyze the presently applied organizational structure and the systems. After that they also design the entire framework of the organizational involving the structure, hierarchy as well as the bands. The various positions in the organization, the roles, responsibilities along with the job description and many more are designed by them.

  • Human Resource Management of Systems and Processes:

The various HR systems and processes are conducted by them, among which some of them include:

  1. Recruitment Process: For this various kinds of competency testing interviews are conducted along with various selection methodologies.
  2. Performance Management Systems (PMS): This includes Review as well as Appraisal System.

The various elements and modules which undergo their defining, designing as well as developing here are:

  • Accountability tracking system
  • Promotion policies as well as criterion
  • A performance review on a monthly basis
  • An appraisal system on half yearly basis as well as annual basis.
  1. The benefits for the employees, rewards and the recognition: For the purpose of an employee’s motivation.

Here the various elements undergo their definition, designing and developing are:

  • Incentives
  • Bonus
  • Perks
  • Variable Pays
  • Rewards as well as the recognition programs
  1. Various techniques and processes for retention
  2. The Human capital for the enhancement and optimization of the productivity.

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