Business Setup in Sharjah Publishing City (SPC)

Aspiring entrepreneurs and those with unique ideas can now effortlessly bring their company concept to reality in just few days at Sharjah Publishing city (SPC).

SPC is a newly formed free zone in the Emirate of Sharjah. Because of the simplified business creation procedure and the presence of in-house immigration, the visa processing for investors in the SPC Free Zone is quick and easy. It boasts top-rated business infrastructure facilities that make it simple for entrepreneurs to start a firm and expand it up in the region. It’s a great place for startups and entrepreneurs who want to keep their startup fees minimal and quickly establish a company and get their firm up and running.

Setting up a new firm at SPC Free Zone requires minimal time. There are no time-consuming initial setup processes, which prove to be beneficial.


  • In 2 Hours – The documentation for forming a company are provided.
  • Day 3 – E-channel (business immigration) registration is completed, and an establishment card is provided.
  • Day 5 – The UAE entrance permit or visa change-of-status is granted, as well as a medical assessment test and an Emirates ID.
  • Day 6 – Stamping of the investor resident visa

Below we have  listed some of the major features of SPC free zone;

  • Without the necessity for a local shareholder, 100% foreign ownership is allowed.
  • Possibility of obtaining a dual trade license (conduct businesses in both mainland and free zone areas)
  • Setting up a corporate bank account is simple.
  • Low pricing on co-working, Shell & Core, retail, and storage space.
  • Personal income tax exclusion.
  • Import and export tariffs are waived.
  • There is no need for a letter of authorization.
  • Topnotch Infrastructure.
  • Located at strategic places nearby Downtown Dubai, Dubai International Airport, Central Sharjah, andSharjah International Airport, makes trading simple.

The new business owner’s physical presence is not necessary due to the incorporation of advanced technology in this flawless digital era. The owner might be located anywhere in the globe and yet be able to establish their business in the UAE virtually. This is made feasible by the installation of a cutting-edge online ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) portal, which is accessible to the business’s owner, as well as all shareholders, managers, and directors.

SPC is a forward-thinking free zone that tries to deliver the greatest level of service while recognizing and resolving challenges that entrepreneurs and investors encounter when starting a new firm. It is continually changing its procedures to better fit client demands, and it has now streamlined the approach by shortening the time it takes to complete activities.

Using the help of a professional service-providing firm to register a company in Dubai will make the process of organizing company go more smoothly and efficiently in the current harsh and demanding business climate.

Based on their comprehensive knowledge of the emirate and years of business expertise, Jumeira Consultants guarantees that you will receive accurate and timely services, and will be the best business setup service provider in Dubai for anything related to business creation.

Jumeira Consultants to Assist!

Jumeira Consultants stands as a beacon for entrepreneurs and businesses aspiring to establish their presence in the dynamic business landscape of Dubai. Renowned for its expertise in business setup services, Jumeira Consultants offers invaluable assistance throughout the entire process, guiding clients with precision and insight.

From navigating the intricacies of legal requirements and documentation to providing strategic advice on optimal business structures, Jumeira Consultants is dedicated to ensuring a seamless and efficient business setup experience.

For any related assistance or queries, contact us at +971 52 809 8408 or email for the expert advice!


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