Company Formation in Dubai Design District (D3)

The Dubai Design District, or (D3), is located in the heart of Dubai city. Among the most recent free zone possibilities in Dubai that are open to businesses and investors is D3. Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone Authority administer Dubai Design District.

D3 was established in 2013 with the purpose of creating a center that would nurture local talent and give innovative minds a stage. In order to create a dynamic community that goes above and beyond what is often expected of a creative neighbourhood. Dubai’s destiny as a premier center for design, architecture, and culture is being shaped by the ideas that D3 creates, including the company formation in Dubai design district.

Advantages of the Dubai Design District

  • For the first 50 years, there is no corporate tax.
  • No ceiling on the return of capital
  • Design and fashion are subject to special license, and designers and artists are granted freelance status.
  • There are no prohibitions on recruiting foreign talent
  • No limitations on currency
  • Strategic location – the Business Bay, Dubai Mall, and Burj Khalifa are in close proximity to the innovation environment
  • Nil personal income tax
  • Community living is incorporated
  • 100% foreign ownership

Companies to be setup n D3

Foreign investors that want 100% ownership usually favour the Dubai Design District. The following business permits are offered:

Company Registration Procedures

We will walk you through each step so that you may set up your D3 firm and obtain a business bank account as quickly as possible.

Office Facilities

Creative people have the possibility to use their workspace as an embodiment of their own imagination thanks to high-quality offices. A shared creative area provides D3 license desk space to enterprises and freelancing license holders with a variety of adaptable choices.

Jumeira Consultants to Assist!

Jumeira Consultants stands as a beacon for entrepreneurs and businesses aspiring to establish their presence in the dynamic business landscape of Dubai. Renowned for its expertise in business setup services, Jumeira Consultants offers invaluable assistance throughout the entire process, guiding clients with precision and insight.

From navigating the intricacies of legal requirements and documentation to providing strategic advice on optimal business structures, Jumeira Consultants is dedicated to ensuring a seamless and efficient business setup experience.

For any related assistance or queries, contact us at +971 52 809 8408 or email for the expert advice!


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