Different types of visas in UAE

According to its geographically central location and overall development, Dubai is a prominent transit stopover for tourists interested in leisure, relaxation, adventure, and other professional objectives. During the last decade, the UAE has experienced a massive rise in the number of visitors from all over the world.

Depending on the context of your travel, the UAE government grants a variety of visas and entrance permits. A number of visas are being provided in terms of attracting expatriates who will define the economy and future of the nation. Let’s look at the different types of visas available in the UAE:


Foreign citizens can apply for a long-term visa for themselves and their families using a business visa. Its purpose is to create the proper business conditions that will aid the UAE’s economic growth.

A business visa can be applied for by anybody with entrepreneurial experience from any country. A competent entrepreneur is someone who has run a business in their life and wants to do it again in the UAE.


For the purpose of recruiting highly qualified people, the UAE has devised a remote work visa programme that will allow individuals from all over the world to work online from the UAE. The one-year visa allows visitors to visit the UAE on their own time and work within the visa’s conditions and restrictions.


Tourist visas are available to individuals from all over the world. Females under the age of 18 are not able to qualify for this type of visa if they are visiting with their guardians.

Based on your intentions, tourist visas can be issued for 30 days or 90 days, with a single entry or several entries. The UAE has implemented a five-year visa that allows visitors to enter the country on self-sponsorship multiple times and remain for 90 days on every visit, with the potential to expand for yet another 90 days.


The Dubai Investor Visa is available to foreign residents who desire to establish their business or join an existing company in Dubai. The holder of a Dubai investor visa has the option to stay in the UAE for the duration of the visa. An Emirates ID card, a bank account, a UAE driver’s license, and a number of additional services are available to Dubai Investor Visa holders. The holder of a Dubai Investor Visa can also sponsor their spouse, children, and parents for entrance into the UAE.

There are two types of Dubai Investor Visas available:


In 2019, the UAE developed an innovative scheme for long-term resident permits. Visitors can now reside, operate, and study in the UAE without needing to be sponsored by a native, and they can own 100% of their enterprises on the UAE’s mainland. These visas will be issued for a 5 or 10-year period and will be automatically renewed. The Golden Visa system primarily provides investors, entrepreneurs, people with extraordinary abilities such as scientists, medical experts, in scientific and knowledge domains, and excellent learners.


A work visa is a document that permits foreign citizens to work in a certain country for a set amount of time. If you want to work or do business in the UAE, you may qualify for a 60-day work visa, which would allow you to come in the UAE and start working right away.

During this time, you must apply for and get a work and residency visa from your UAE employer, which is typically valid for another two years. The applicable rules may change depending on nationality. There may not be many documents to process if you come from one of the UAE states.


For travellers who remain in the UAE for more than eight hours as part of their airline transit, the transit visa is a single-entry visa. It’s an e-visa, which you must apply for before entering the country.

There are two sorts of transit visas available in the UAE: one that is valid for 48 hours and the other is free for 96 hours. Only UAE-based airlines are permitted to provide transit permits, which must be acquired and approved prior to entry into the UAE. If you’re not one of the nationalities qualified for a visa on arrival or visa-free entry to the UAE, you’ll require a transit visa.


A student visa is issued to overseas students over the age of 18 who are residing in the UAE. Students who excel may be eligible for a five-year visa. Students who wish to study at a university or college in the UAE must apply for a student visa. The student must be at least 18 years old. A student visa is valid for one year and can be extended for a similar period of time upon presentation of certified documents.


The UAE will offer retired people over the age of 55 a 5-year long-term visa with a validity period of 5 years. To be eligible for a 5-year extended retirement visa, a retiree must fulfil one of the following criteria:

  1. Invest in a home worth 2 million AED
  2. Having a minimum of AED 1 million in savings
  3. A monthly active income of at least AED 20,000 is required

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