Everything you Need to Know About UAE Visa Rule Changes

Of late, UAE has been witnessing a massive change in its visa regulations, which appears to be quite promising for expats residing in the country. The changes in rules apply to widows, divorcees, expats illegally staying in the country, citizens from countries that are experiencing conflict or natural disasters and transit passengers.

A one-year residency visa will be granted to widows, divorcees and their kids in the UAE, without demanding the need for a sponsor. This move gives them ample time to adjust to the situation and finish off any pending work or formalities.

The UAE government has come up with a scheme entitled ‘Protect Yourself via Rectifying Your Status’, which makes it possible for expats illegally staying in the emirates even after visa expiration to continue for three more months. Illegal residents are provided with the option to leave the country or rectify their legal status by paying the fees.
UAE is home to citizens from numerous nations, some of which are affected by disasters and conflicts. These people will be granted a one-year residency visa without any fine, which gives them the opportunity to live safely till conditions improve in their home country.

Transit passengers flying to other international destinations can enjoy the benefits of a free visa for 48 hours, and if they wish to continue their stay for another two days, they just need to pay 50 Dirhams. This will also result in a rapid rise in the number of visitors to the UAE.
The latest visa schemes are highly appreciative and will undoubtedly elevate UAE’s position as an expat friendly country. If you happen to be an expat residing in the UAE, a safe and fear-free life is guaranteed!


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