Expo 2020 boosts Dubai’s image as Global Torchbearer

Expo 2020, a gathering of festivities and a platform that brings people from all over the globe together to connect, share ideas, discover, and develop, has begun in Dubai. With the start of the world’s largest event, Expo 2020, Dubai’s business confidence hit its best level, fueled by increased commercial activity.

Over 190 countries participate in it, which expands commercial prospects and serves as a great starting point for numerous cross-border company collaborations throughout the world. Expo 2020 is not just a six-month spectacular and cultural show for tourists, but it is also an environment for endless commercial prospects, with the theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.”

A series of events, seminars, and presentations in the opening weeks of the Expo will provide insight into how businesses may prepare to deal with new needs of a changing world, with many enterprises eager to re-calibrate their work to cope with the new demands of a changing world. This mega event will help the UAE diversify its economy, assist the expansion of a knowledge-based economy and digital networking, and offer a boost to cultural and artistic activities. Expo 2020 Dubai and its impact are anticipated to raise annual gross domestic product and thousands of new long-term employment in the six months leading up to the event.

A thriving economy serves as a staging ground for new business enterprises. The Dubai Expo 2020 is on pace to increase the number of enterprises in a variety of industries, which will help real estate in the long run. An increasing number of commercial and residential complexes are springing up, necessitating the acquisition of real estate land in order to expand their corporate base. In addition, the expo has opened up numerous networking opportunities for many business areas such as tourism, hotels, retail, food & beverage, SME’s, entertainment, and business consultants. It’s also an excellent time for businesses to use their products and services to reach a larger audience and increase revenues.

An event of this magnitude will act as a significant economic catalyst for the host country, and government policies such as low mortgage and interest rates, a successful COVID-19 immunisation programme, the Golden visa, and 100 percent foreign ownership are all geared to making foreigners feel comfortable. For those who have never experienced Dubai’s delights, hospitality, or premium choices, Expo 2020 will present Dubai as an investment opportunity.

This mammoth event will provide a memorable opportunity for businesses of all sizes, international organisations, and government entities from around the world to come together to enhance a more diversified and adaptable global economy, stimulate a thriving business climate, and drive long-term progress. Expo 2020 Dubai is instilling a sense of confidence in the business sector amidst the covid-19 pandemic.

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