Business Setup Services in Dubai

Business Setup Services

Business Setup Services in Dubai

Dubai is the most modern and progressive emirate in the United Arab Emirates and it is developing rapidly. As investors see the city’s potential and the future it offers, they are very much excited for business setup in Dubai. The costs of establishing a new business in Dubai, as well as the processes to be followed, are two of the most crucial factors to consider. Investors can complete the company formation in Dubai procedure in a simple and efficient manner with the assistance of professional service providers.

Jumeira Consultants as seasoned advisors, provide business setup services in Dubai which can help you plan, analyze, and estimate the complete cost of starting a business. Our experts deliver assistance with company formation in Dubai and other business-related services throughout the UAE.

Have you ever wondered why so many entrepreneurs wish to start a business in Dubai? Here’s a quick breakdown of everything you need to know about company setup in Dubai.


What made Dubai the preferred destination
to start a company?

  • As a result of different infrastructural developments, tourist hotspots, and commercial spaces, capital repatriation has risen in Dubai.
  • The emirate has made significant investments in technological improvement and innovation to develop and sustain a world-class infrastructure.
  • Dubai’s geographic importance makes it a fantastic location for commerce, as well as any other form of wealth creation.
  • Sound financial assets are supporting the market and assisting firms in continuing to operate.
  • Dubai has made a big effort to encourage good ties with other nations through their foreign relations.
  • Dubai’s government welcomes and fosters overseas investment through favourable business-friendly regulations and economic policies.
  • The emirate contains a number of multi-specialty free zones with enticing attractions.

Business Setup in Dubai

Dubai’s government initiatives are strongly pro-business, and it offers material support to new enterprises that are planning for business setup in Dubai. An amendment to the Commercial Companies Law (CCL) was recently adopted in the year 2020, potentially allowing expatriates to hold 100% of certain business activities. Company formation in Dubai free zone is desirable since it permits complete ownership of the business and may be done by a single individual. This configuration also allows you to create a bank account in Dubai and possess real estate. Before proceeding with the business setup processes, it is necessary to understand what a free zone, offshore, and mainland corporation are and what services they provide.
  • Business in free zone
The fundamental benefit of a free zone is that it allows you to repatriate 100 percent of your profits and retain 100 percent control of your business. Free zones feature the most advanced infrastructure, making it an excellent spot to start a business. In spite of having no currency limitations, the free zone operates under its own set of rules.
  • Business in Offshore
An offshore corporation is a corporation that works beyond its registered jurisdiction in order to lawfully reduce tax payments. Tax savings, wealth management, and total anonymity are all advantages of using them.
  • Business in Mainland
For some operations, mainland businesses are increasingly granting foreign citizens’ 100 percent ownership, with the additional benefit of company setup in Dubai and outside. They are allowed to conduct business with government agencies and are free to trade with any mainland company. Selecting suitable business setup service providers will make the process of company formation in Dubai simple and smooth.

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Complete your business setup in Dubai with just simple 7 easy steps

STEP 1: Select an activity for your Company
There are a multitude of different business activities and it’s vital that you list all of them on your license application because it’s helpful to the firm. If you’re having trouble deciding, it’s a smart option to get advice from a business formation expert.
STEP 2: Choose a business name
It’s necessary to choose a name for your company now that you’ve established your activities. You must comply with a series of naming guidelines that are both stringent and simple.
STEP 3: Select your Jurisdiction: Mainland, Free zone, or Offshore
Before filing a trade license, you must decide where you wish to launch your business in a free zone or on the mainland.
STEP 4: Submitting a business license application
A business license is, without a doubt, one of the most important requirements for establishing a company in Dubai. Obtaining a business license is a simple process in many countries. Whether you register on your own or through a company formation service, you will often just be required to provide a few facts and some basic documents.
STEP 5: Submission of memorandum and articles of association of the proposed company
The MOA and AOA are required for the registration of the company.
STEP 6: Applications for visas
Another key need for starting a business in Dubai is obtaining a UAE visa. The application process for your own visa, as well as the visas of your employees, is detailed and yet straightforward.
STEP 7: Opening an account with a bank
Select a bank account that is most relevant to the user.

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Top 5 benefits of Company Formation in Dubai

  • Hassle free process
Setting up a business in Dubai is simpler than ever before, thanks to quickly changing technology and a friendly administration. It’s now as simple as a few clicks and a few days to register your company in Dubai. The procedure is straightforward to follow and involves little documentation. You may always contact a knowledgeable and professional company setup consultant for assistance and guidance throughout the process.
  • Hiring Workforce
Dubai is well-known as an important business center. Investors from all over the world want to do business in Dubai and earn handsomely. It has also effectively grown outside the oil industry into other sectors such as tourism, hospitality, logistics, and so on. These industries account for a major portion of Dubai’s GDP. Furthermore, these areas provide a large number of job openings, allowing private enterprises to hire expatriates.
  • Technological Innovations
Dubai is one of the most technologically sophisticated Emirates in the world. It is on its way to becoming the world’s digital center and has a digitally propelled future. When it comes to decreasing traffic, delivering internet connections, altering medical services, and online shopping, the city has adopted several technological efforts. This encourages and expands the country’s internet business potential.
  • Excellent Infrastructure
Dubai possesses the finest infrastructure in the world. Dubai’s infrastructure continues to improve over time, attracting a large number of businessmen. In fact, Dubai has a fantastic public transportation system, as well as outstanding telecommunications, ports, and other amenities.
  • Geographically beneficial location
Dubai is a global business hub with fantastic geographical importance that links consumers and suppliers from across the world. Dubai boasts the busiest and most dynamic airports in the world. Both shipping ports and airports are located in areas with high connectivity, making logistics a breeze. This promotes the growth of the import-export, re-export, and tourist industries.

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Several factors affect how much it costs to start a business in Dubai. Your company’s activities, license type, jurisdiction, and other factors are among these. You may get in touch with Jumeira Consultants, and we’ll watch out for your finances during the process of business setup in Dubai.

In the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is recognized as having a strong economy for company setup. With a plethora of investment prospects, its robust international economy, friendly tax policies, and first-rate infrastructure are luring businessmen and investors. Real estate, consulting services, information technology, and e-commerce are some of the few sectors to look forward.

Due to its welcoming atmosphere for investors, Dubai is a dependable location for business owners to progress and establish their businesses. With the aid of business setup consultants, launching a small business in Dubai is rather simple. The restaurant business, event management industry, tourism, construction industry, and digital marketing are some of the top small business prospects booming in Dubai.

Dubai provides a wide range of options for investors wishing to launch a multitude of businesses. In the UAE, there are three alternative ways to start a business—mostly in free zones, on the country’s mainland, and offshore. There are several rules and procedures specific to each of these businesses for starting a company.

A business license is required to set up a business in Dubai. Each sort of license has its own protocol.

In order to kick start a business in Dubai, there are certain things to follow:

The responsible authority must first approve the enterprise before it can begin.

After a careful review of the papers, the authority grants legal and official permission. This information comprises the investor’s name, credentials, residency status, financial soundness, and so on.

The officials will also assess the business’s viability by looking at the official and commercial space, the AOA and MOA, the organization’s fundamental structure, and so on.

Before establishing a business in Dubai, one must first complete/obtain the below procedures:

  • Request for a License.
  • Proof of reservation of a name.
  • LLC agreement that has been attested.
  • Certificate of initial approval.
  • Forms of government.
  • Government permission must be obtained.
  • Lease agreement.
  • EJARI certificate of authorization.
  • Choose a legal foundation for your company.
  • Choose a location. A tradename that has been authorized.
  • Submit a license proposal.
  • Request a certificate of initial approval.
  • Create a memorandum of understanding and a contract with a local service agent.
  • Open a physical office in Dubai.
  • Check-in at a physical office in Dubai.

The type of business formation will determine the visa needs.

A mainland top business and other key employees will need a resident visa. Only then will you be able to hire employees for your company.

Government authorities will assess the volume of the free zone enterprise before giving visas to its employees.

A resident visa is not required for an offshore establishment holder.

The rules of the UAE for starting a business have been developed with flexibility. As a result, starting a business in Dubai or the UAE is a hassle-free process with the help of professional service providers.

The Emirate of Dubai extends a warm reception to foreign investors. Dubai, being one of the world’s most advanced cities, provides unrivalled commercial opportunities. Tax legislation, laws, and other legal standards are designed in such a way as to aid entrepreneurs and investors.  The developed and top notch connectivity with infrastructure provides you with several opportunities for success.

The time it takes for company formation in Dubai is determined by a variety of criteria, including the type of company and the criteria of each trade license.

Mainland, Free Zone, and Offshore are the three business regions in Dubai. These key sites with world’s best facilities and network connectivity can benefit an investor or business.

There is no minimum investment required to start a business in Dubai. The activities, partners, and location of your firm define the value of your investment.

Mainland, Free Zone, and Offshore are the three business regions in Dubai. These key sites with world’s best facilities and network connectivity can benefit an investor or business.

It is a long-term residency visa offered by the UAE government in order to attract investors, entrepreneurs, specialized talents, researchers, scientists, doctors, and outstanding students with promising scientific abilities to the country.

The Golden Visa permits foreigners to live, work, and study in the United Arab Emirates without the need for a local sponsor and with complete ownership of their businesses on the UAE’s mainland. Depending on the category, these visas will be issued for a duration of 5 or 10 years.

Jumeira Consultants has a devoted and highly competent staff to provide services to our clients in all their needs, with extensive knowledge of the emirate and years of experience in the business. We are one of the reputed company setup service providers in Dubai, assisting businesses with anything connected to company formation.

There are several types of business or trade licenses in the United Arab Emirates: A firm that engages in any form of market activity is awarded a commercial license. An industrial license is provided to a company that engages in any form of manufacturing or industrial activity. Professional licenses are awarded to service providers, craftsmen, professionals, and crafters.

Before forming a limited liability company in Dubai people must register a trade name and obtain initial authorization. One must also get a memorandum of association and present the leasing agreement, along with all other necessary documents, to the Department of Economic Development (DED).

To start a new business in the UAE, an entrepreneur must first obtain an original trade license from the Department of Economic Development (DED). Obtaining a legitimate trade license in Dubai is a crucial step in starting a business in the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai, being one of the world’s most developed cities, provides unrivalled commercial opportunities. Tax legislation, legalities, and other official standards are written in such a way as to aid investors. The highly well-developed and planned infrastructure provides you with several opportunities for success.