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Business Support Services

Thriving in today's competitive landscape demands constant improvement. Jumeira Consultants, a leading national provider of organizational consultancy and advisory in the UAE, stands ready to be your partner in achieving robust and sustainable growth. We go beyond generic business consultancy. We offer a comprehensive suite of Organizational Consultancy Services designed to empower your organization. 

Our team of experts acts as an extension of yours, providing in-depth analysis to identify key improvement opportunities across your entire operation. This focus on optimization extends to streamlining processes, ensuring they are efficient and scalable to support future expansion. We don't stop there. We partner with you to refine your strategic objectives, ensuring they align with your current market position and future aspirations.

Our Core Service Areas

Tax residency certificate

Tax residency (domicile) certificates are issued by Ministry of Finance, Govt. of UAE, as per the provisions of avoidance of double taxation agreements.

Trade License

Entrepreneurs rush to Dubai because it has a tax-free environment. All enterprises must get the right trade license to start a business unit in Dubai. Trade licenses depend upon the work you do in Dubai.

company liquidation services

Jumeira Consultants undertakes the company liquidation services on a comprehensive basis

Investment Opportunity

Investing is also another way to ensure that your business grows in the proper direction and to see to it that your future is secure.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) is a common yet very complex process for business entities. There are numerous factors that need to be considered before finalizing a deal and the whole process

Bank Account Opening in UAE

Opening a bank account in UAE is not a complicated process. The formalities and documents required for account opening in Dubai are almost the same for all banks.

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Jumeira Consultants rejects a one-size-fits-all approach. Our team of meticulously selected consultants will work closely with you to identify the root causes of inefficiencies and develop customized solutions that are practical, effective, and readily implementable within your organization.

Partner with Jumeira Consultants and embark on a transformative journey. We are confident that our customized solutions can propel your business forward and unlock the full potential within your organization.

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Don’t let the company formation process hinder your vision. With DSO’s ideal environment and Jumeira Consultants’ expertise, you can establish your tech business in Dubai Silicon Oasis and unlock its full potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Engage leadership to define outcomes.
  • Co-create vision and objectives.
  • Assess current state through workshops.
  • Develop organization structures and roles.
  • Align processes and KPIs.
  • Conduct team workshops.
  • Provide ongoing support.
  • PMS measures and rewards performance objectively.
  • Aligns individual objectives with organizational strategy.
  • Crucial for talent management and growth.
  • Process mapping is flowcharting business processes hierarchically.
  • Involves defining process hierarchy across functions.
  • Promotes transparency and workflow improvement.
  • Clarifies user requirements for software implementation, such as ERP.