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Conducting a thorough feasibility study is crucial for organizations aiming to assess their potential for successfully completing projects. These studies help identify both positive and negative outcomes before committing valuable resources, such as time and money, to a project.
A well-researched and executed feasibility study can clearly pinpoint potential issues that may arise during project implementation, and it takes into account financial, operational, and other organizational impacts. By considering all influencing factors, it helps determine whether a project will be productive.
For a high-quality business Feasibility Study in UAE, investing in an experienced organizational consultant is essential. At Jumeira Consultants, our experts possess extensive experience in creating business plans and conducting comprehensive feasibility studies.

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Elements of a Feasibility Study

Our feasibility study services in Dubai encompass several key elements, which typically include:
  1. Project Overview: This section provides an outline of the project, detailing the products or services offered, the business model, and the method of delivery.
  2. Market Feasibility: This element identifies prospective buyers, competitors, the industry landscape, and both current and future market potential, along with sales estimations.
  3. Technical Feasibility: This section includes data on the delivery of the product or service, covering aspects such as labor, raw materials, transportation, technology requirements, and business locations.
  4. Financial Feasibility: This part offers a forecast plan for the funding required, types of funds, and projected financial statements, including the Profit & Loss statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flows. It also details the assumptions made, includes sensitivity analysis, and presents key financial data graphically.
  5. Organizational Feasibility: This section explains the corporate and legal structure of the company, providing information about the founders, their professional backgrounds, and the skills they bring to help the company initiate and sustain operations.

Jumeira Consultants: Feasibility Study Consultant in Dubai and UAE

At Jumeira Consultants, our team is dedicated to understanding your business model and customer base, leveraging technology, and analyzing complex data. Our skills include clear communication, multitasking, organizational capabilities, as well as analytical, observational, and critical thinking.
We conduct market research independently using our resources and collaborate with leading market research firms in the UAE to obtain authentic market data. This data serves as the foundation for a comprehensive feasibility study.
Our deliverables to clients include exhaustive reports and presentations supported by detailed financial models developed with spreadsheets. Additionally, we create summarized project teaser documents for potential investors to review before making investment decisions.
We assist you in assessing your chances of success, and our engagement provides the confidence that your investors need to participate in your ventures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Need more answers? Don’t hesitate to reach out for further clarification or assistance regarding your queries through this FAQ.

Why is a financial feasibility study important for any business in UAE?

A financial feasibility study provides insights into how a business will perform financially over a period. Whether it’s a new venture or an existing organization investing in a new project, understanding how the business plan translates into financial results is crucial. In the UAE’s competitive market offering great opportunities, a thorough financial feasibility study is critical to navigating potential financial challenges.

What are the major outputs from a good financial feasibility study in UAE?

A comprehensive financial feasibility study begins by tabulating all assumptions related to the business plan. It then projects the three basic financial statements: Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow. Additionally, it calculates the Net Present Value (NPV) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR) to determine project viability.

What sectors does Jumeira Consultants offer feasibility study services in UAE?

While our feasibility studies are sector-agnostic, they cover prominent sectors such as Food and Beverage, Real Estate, E-commerce, Technology, Manufacturing, Retail, and Hospitality among others in Dubai and UAE.

Do you offer market feasibility studies in UAE?

Yes, we conduct market feasibility studies for businesses in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other UAE regions by collaborating with market research firms. Additionally, our consultants conduct primary field-level market research for specific projects and incorporate the findings into the overall feasibility study.

Do you prepare feasibility reports for bank loans in UAE?

Absolutely, our financial feasibility studies are widely accepted by leading banks in the UAE. With over 20 years of serving clients in the region, our reports meet the criteria set by most banks. Our consultants can offer insights into the parameters banks consider when evaluating project feasibility.

Do you prepare feasibility reports for SMEs in UAE?

Certainly, SMEs are an integral part of our clientele in the UAE. Understanding the challenges they face, our team provides tailored feasibility study inputs to address their funding requirements, whether through banks, investors, or other SME funding institutions.