Golden Visa in Dubai, UAE

The UAE announced ten-year golden visas for a limited group of citizens in 2019. Foreigners are permitted to reside, work, and study in the United Arab Emirates without the need for a local sponsor and with full ownership of their company on the country’s mainland.

With the most recent modification to the UAE Resident and Entry Scheme, more people are now eligible to apply for a golden residence visa in Dubai. With the revised regulations, it will be easier for more people from different occupations to apply for the Golden Visa as the requirements for 10-year visas have been eased.

To reap the benefits of a long-term residency in Dubai, apply for your Golden Visa right now.

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Golden Visa in Dubai

What advantages and benefits come with the
Golden Visa?

  • Extended rights to residency:
    UAE resident visa is renewed every two to three years, but golden residency visas are valid for up to ten years.
  • Dubai Police Esaad privilege card:
    The UAE Golden Visa holders will now be eligible for the Esaad privilege card issued by the Dubai Police. The Esaad Card was created in 2017 by Dubai Police to provide holders discounts at stores, schools, hospitals, housing, dining establishments, theme parks, hotels, and more. There are special discounts available across 7,237 brands and companies in the UAE and 92 other countries. Holders of this card, as well as UAE citizens with golden visas, are entitled to exclusive benefits, such as up to 40% off school fees at the American School of Creative Science, 50% off stays at Kempinski Palm Jumeirah, 70% off At the Top in the Burj Khalifa, and discounts on Fly Dubai flights, among others.
  • Access to the Healthcare and Educational systems in the UAE:
    Clinics in the nation are open to foreigners possessing UAE resident visas. Dental, orthopaedic, dermatological, and reproductive specialists are in high demand in the UAE. Children of investors may go to UAE colleges and universities. English is the language of instruction in some international schools.
  • Sponsorship of dependents and unlimited domestic help:
    A person can sponsor their partner, children, and other family members with a UAE golden visa. If the primary holder of the UAE Golden Visa passes away while the ten-year Visa is still in effect, their family members may live there until the natural expiration of the Visa. A limitless number of domestic helpers may be employed and supported by holders of this sort of Visa.
  • Self-sponsored work or stay:
    Holders of a UAE golden visa are allowed to live, work, and study there for the duration of their visa. Without the necessity for individual sponsorship, the holder may work for either themself or another company. The UAE golden visa, in comparison to the standard residency visa, allows holders to stay in the nation for an extended time without finding a job.

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