Value Added Tax (VAT)

Value Added Tax

Value Added Tax (VAT)

Today's competitive market presents unique Value Added Tax (VAT) hurdles for every business. At Jumeira, a leading VAT consultancy in the UAE, our highly qualified and experienced team is here to help you overcome them swiftly.

We go beyond generic advice. Our commitment to effective VAT solutions sets us apart. Our knowledgeable VAT consultants take a personalized approach, meticulously assessing your specific needs. We don't just address current challenges, we proactively plan for the future, recommending workable solutions that ensure smooth VAT compliance.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

Simplifying VAT Compliance

In the UAE, businesses encounter a consumption tax called Value Added Tax (VAT). It applies to the value added at each stage of production and distribution of goods and services. The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) overseas VAT collection and administration, providing helpful resources like regulations and explanations to assist businesses.

Understanding Input and Output VAT: Key Concepts for Businesses in Dubai

Input VAT: This is the VAT you pay to suppliers on your business purchases, such as machinery, goods, and other expenses. Fortunately, you can usually claim this VAT back from the government.
Output VAT: This is the VAT you charge customers on the goods and services you sell. You collect this VAT and then remit it to the government.
Navigating VAT compliance in Dubai

Managing input and output VAT can be complex, especially with ever-changing regulations. This is where VAT consultants in Dubai can be invaluable.

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The role of VAT consultants

Since the implementation of VAT in Dubai, VAT consultants have played a crucial role in helping businesses comply with the UAE's VAT laws. These experts offer a range of valuable services, including:

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Jumeira Consultants: Your Trusted Partner!

Jumeira understands the challenges of VAT in today’s dynamic business environment. Our team of VAT experts offers comprehensive solutions, combining:
  •  In-depth VAT knowledge: We ensure your business operates smoothly by providing up-to-date VAT expertise.
  • Complete taxation solutions: We go beyond just VAT, offering a full spectrum of tax services.
  • Dubai-specific VAT consultancy: Our team has a deep understanding of Dubai’s VAT regulations.
Jumeira offers tax assistance for businesses and individuals. For any inquiries or to schedule a meeting, call +971 52 809 8408 or email to schedule a meeting.


Navigating VAT can be complex, necessitating the expertise of qualified and experienced consultants in Dubai to ensure businesses comply with regulations.

Consultancy services may be subject to a VAT rate of either 5% or 0%, depending on their nature and circumstances. The determination of the VAT rate for consulting services hinges on an examination of the specific activity.

Businesses should seek out top-tier VAT consultancy services in Dubai, UAE, considering factors such as the consultant’s expertise and proficiency in VAT registration, refunds, and tax filing. A proficient VAT consultant can adeptly address VAT concerns, leveraging their understanding of the latest technical advancements in the field.

With the few exceptions or exemptions outlined by law, VAT typically impacts the majority of transactions involving goods and services as a general consumption tax.

No, only the free zones that the UAE Cabinet has classified as designated zones are subject to VAT.

Yes, a 5% VAT is levied on services provided in designated zones and when services are supplied to the mainland.

Yes, designated zones are treated as outside the UAE for value-added tax purposes, entailing preferential VAT treatment for most activities conducted within these areas.

While some imported items may be exempt from customs duties, they remain subject to VAT.

Any taxable entity is required to retain VAT invoices issued and accepted for a minimum of 5 years.