A Brief Guide on How to Setup a Branch Office in Dubai

Every smart entrepreneur who aims to expand his business would understand the need of forming a branch office. By forming a branch office in a foreign land, it is able to may its way into that country. This would aid his business, which would help him expand globally. But, all of this would pan out in the exact same manner only if the choice of location is correct. Dubai is one of the best known international destinations for these aspects.

Why Set up your office in Dubai?

When considering going global in order to set up your branch office, it would be in your best interest to consider Dubai as the location. This is because of numerous advantages that Dubai has.  Some of these are mentioned below:

  • Dubai has a strategic location on the globe making it an important economic center for Asia, Africa, Europe, and Russia. It is connected to almost every major country either via flights or via sea.
  • It is ranked among the top destination of trade and commerce on account of its flourishing economy.
  • The infrastructural development of Dubai is undeniable. It has some of the best amenities and infrastructures for commercial and office complexes.

Benefits of Branch office set up in Dubai/UAE

Apart from the features of Dubai as the suitable destinations, one should also be aware of the features of Dubai from the perspective of a businessman. So, mentioned below are the benefits that are applicable to the branch office in Dubai

  • The Branch Offices are allowed to sign contracts and conduct local business.
  • The Branch office is allowed to conduct the activities that are permitted to their parent companies.
  • It can keep 100% of the profit share
  • The local national involvement is limited as the local service agent
  • The Branch office need pay any kind of income or capital taxes
  • There are no restrictions on the currency
  • Competitive import duties
  • The staff size is small
  • Competitive freight charges
  • The branch office need not pay any corporation taxes

Why Seek the Services of Business set up consultants?

In order to do office setup in Dubai/UAE smoothly, you should seek the services of business set up consultants like Jumeira Consultants.

Jumeira Consultants is a committed consultant who is determined to cover the length and breadth of the essential that are required for easy set up. From filing the application to getting all the approvals, all these important steps are personally handled by the executives who are assigned to handle your file. It is important to seek such a consultant as they would help you to find the most suitable location, and find a local service agent. This is because they are aware of the rules and regulations in detail, which you might not be able, understand or comprehend. The work of consultants also comprises of strategizing the plans for the company.


From navigating the intricacies of legal requirements and documentation to providing strategic advice on optimal business structures, Jumeira Consultants is dedicated to ensuring a seamless and efficient business setup experience.

For any related assistance or queries, contact us at +971 52 809 8408 or email info@jumeiraconsultants.com for the expert advice!


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