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Over the last few years, the UAE government has demonstrated a constant commitment to diversifying its oil-dependent economy. It is continuing to make significant progress in its diversification strategy. It is carefully implementing strategies to strengthen its economic sectors.

Dubai Industrial City (DIC) was founded in 2004 with the goal of stimulating the development and modernization of the UAE’s industrial sector, particularly in the light and medium manufacturing sectors, with a focus on food and beverage, mineral products, transportation equipment and parts, machinery and mechanical equipment, workshops, logistics, chemicals, and base metals.

Advantages of establishing a business in Dubai Industrial City include the following:

  • Foreign ownership is 100 percent.
  • Capital and earnings are fully repatriated.
  • Income tax exemption
  • There are no taxes on corporations.
  • Imports of machinery, equipment, and raw materials for manufacturing are exempt from duty.
  • Jebel Ali Port and Al Maktoum International Airport are within easy driving distance.

Establishing Business in Dubai Industrial City

To establish a business in Dubai Industrial City, investors must first get clearance from the Department of Economic Development’s Licensing Section. The second step is to register with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry to receive a trade license. The following papers must be presented to the Dubai Trade Register in order to do so and acquire the registration certificate:

  • a form of application
  • the articles of incorporation of the firm
  • the Department of Economic Development’s permission form for a firm name
  • Shareholders’ and company managers’ identity documents

Company Facilities in Dubai Industrial City

Industrial Property

Companies can usefully functioning residential and industrial land with sizes ranging from 60,000 sq. ft. to 5 million sq. ft. in Dubai Industrial City. The plots are offered for long-term lease and have up to four megawatts of power.


For cost-effective warehousing, Dubai Industrial City provides warehouse spaces for long- and short-term rentals, as well as gated open yards for outdoor storage.

Office space for Business

Businesses who want their administrative headquarters to be close to their warehouses and logistical facilities can rent office space in Dubai Industrial City’s new structures.

Retail Functions

The location provides shops with easy access to potential clients because of workers’ accommodation and quick connectivity to neighboring municipalities.


Companies can use two multifunctional amphitheaters for a variety of corporate events and functions. These amphitheaters can hold up to 15,000 people at any given time.

At the moment, Dubai Industrial City is home to over 500 businesses that employ over 35,000 people. Dubai Industrial City is set to become the Middle East’s largest industrial and logistics hub for foreign companies, according to the UAE government. To sum up, DIC provides all of the necessary components for establishing an industry. It serves as a growth and expansion platform for small and medium-sized businesses. DIC is one of Dubai’s most well-known free zones, attracting the largest number of international investors. The DIC Authority offers an excellent platform and affordable facilities for company formation in order to fulfill its goal.

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The simplicity of establishing and doing business in the UAE makes it an appealing destination to set up a business. This initiative from the government adds to the benefits of having an office in the UAE, since there will be no productivity deficit because of several working days, and the nation will be capable of improving its place in the global arena. There are also lifestyle advantages to look forward to for the total workforce, which will enhance overall productivity.

Trading volumes on local stock exchanges are projected to increase as operating hours become more synchronized with international stock markets. From Monday to Friday, major stock markets around the world, from Europe to Asia and the Americas, operate.

To sustain business operations, the private sector in the UAE is anticipated to follow the new work week timetable. The Saturday-Sunday weekend will promote business and commerce interactions with nations that follow a Saturday-Sunday weekend, allowing private sector businesses to compete at the top level of economies and bolstering the country’s status as a fast-growing regional commercial centre.

The United Arab Emirates has long been a corporate and recreational hub, reliant on a foreign labour force that surpasses its inhabitants. The new policy will make international trade, financial, and economic activities easier for the nation making it a suitable platform for establishing businesses.

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