Manoj Kumar

Senior Partner

Manoj Kumar, a CPA from the USA and a specialist in CAM, brings over 25 years of expertise in Auditing, Accounting, Payroll Services, IT Audit, ERP Consulting, Robotic Process Automation, and AML Consulting. As the leader of HLB HAMT’s Technology Division, Manoj has revolutionized services through the implementation of advanced technologies, including Robotic Process Automation, to enhance productivity.

A pioneer in IT Audit, Manoj ensures robust fraud detection and system integrity. His exceptional leadership has transformed the payroll division, providing outstanding service to multinational firms and fostering excellent client relationships. Certified as an Anti-Money Laundering Specialist, he excels in identifying risks and developing comprehensive solutions, leveraging his strong analytical skills and meticulous attention to detail.

Qualifications and Memberships

  • Certified Public Accountant, USA
  • CAM specialist