The UAE New Visa Policy came into force on October 3

After a major revamp of the visa process, the UAE is expected to be more attractive. The UAE new visa policy will be viewed by professionals and expatriates as a considerable advancement over the present framework. Making it simpler for individuals to reside and work in the UAE was the intention.

To increase its demographic and encourage travel in the area, the UAE is undertaking a number of projects. The government wants to foster a secure environment for foreigners to operate in and develop by minimizing the time and inconvenience that comes with applying for or renewing visas.

With the introduction of a new visa program, which came into effect on October 3, the UAE has altered its immigration laws to permit longer tourist stays and a quicker application procedure. What has changed in the UAE’s New visa policy is as follows:

A. Visit Visa

Tourists will be able to remain in the UAE for 60 days on visit visas. There will be no more requirements for sponsorship for the five-year multiple-entry tourist visa, which permits tourists to stay in the country for up to 90 days.  For multi-entry visa, a traveler’s presence may be prolonged, but it must not go beyond 180 days in a calendar year.

B. Golden Visa

Recipients of the Golden Visa can receive long-term, renewed residence permits valid for up to ten years. Investors, business owners, those with remarkable talents including researchers, doctors, and those working in the scientific and knowledge sectors, as well as deserving undergraduate and graduate students, are all eligible for the Golden visa.

Long-term residency is available to professionals with higher skill levels. It has a minimum wage requirement of Dh30,000 per month.  A Golden Visa holder is now permitted to remain abroad permanently under the new regulations. In addition, the UAE has eliminated the restriction on how many domestic workers a holder of a Golden Visa may hire. Children of any age may be sponsored by a holder of a Golden Visa.

C. Green Visa

The United Arab Emirates’ “Green visa” is a type of residency permit that grants the holder five years of self-sponsorship. They don’t need a company or a person from the UAE to endorse their visa. In order to extend their stay, Green Visa holders can now sponsor their spouses, children, and first-degree relatives in addition to themselves.

Parental sponsorship of male children is permitted until they are 25 years old, as opposed to the previous 18. There is no upper age limit for sponsors of daughters who are not married.

D. Job Exploration Visa

As stated by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization, this visa is given to those who belong to the first, second, or third skillset as well as new graduates from the list of top 500 institutions worldwide. The minimum educational requirement is a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent. There is no host or sponsor required for this visa.

Final Thoughts

As a consequence of the revised visa regime, it will be simpler for ex-pats to get various sorts of visas in order to discover the UAE as a favourite travel hotspot. The modifications are one of the most significant systemic adjustments to the UAE immigration programme in recent times. The new visa system will be very advantageous to both visitors from outside and local residents and workers. Hence, the UAE will be much more reachable to travellers and anyone who want to permanently reside there.

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