The Strategic Advantages of Land Availability in RAK FTZ

The RAK Free Trade Zone (RAK FTZ), which is nestled in the centre of the United Arab Emirates, is a shining example of economic development, drawing in global corporations from more than 100 nations. The strategic location of RAK FTZ serves as a gateway connecting investors to burgeoning markets across the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, South, and Central Asia. In this vibrant landscape, the availability of land for development becomes a pivotal factor, paving the way for industrial, logistical, and service industry projects.

Land for Development

One of the key offerings of the RAK Free Zone is the provision of plots of land tailored for industrial, logistical, and service industry ventures. RAKEZ (Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone) understands the diverse needs of businesses and offers plots in various sizes, starting from 2,500 m2. This allows enterprises to scale their operations according to their unique requirements, fostering an environment of flexibility and growth.

Licence Types

Navigating the business landscape in RAK FTZ is simplified through three distinct licence types: Commercial, Industrial, and General Trading. Each licence type caters to specific business activities, providing a framework for enterprises to thrive. The streamlined process is further facilitated by Jumeira Consultants, offering single-window solutions that leverage extensive industry knowledge and a deep understanding of Emirate rules.


RAK FTZ‘s land offerings come with a host of features designed to facilitate seamless business operations. From well-paved roads at all locations to connectivity with utility and telecommunication providers, the infrastructure is tailored to meet the highest standards. The strategic proximity to major logistical hubs and neighbouring emirates enhances accessibility, providing businesses with a competitive edge. The flexibility to construct facilities according to client requirements, along with provisions for on-site staff and labor accommodation, makes RAK FTZ an ideal choice for ambitious enterprises.


RAK FTZ goes beyond land availability and licensing, offering eligible businesses the opportunity to apply for UAE Residence Visas for investors, partners, managers, staff, and laborers. This inclusion contributes to the overall attractiveness of RAK FTZ as a business hub, facilitating the recruitment and retention of skilled professionals.

Benefits of RAK Free Zone Business Setup

  • Easy and rapid company registration procedures
  • Complete foreign ownership for entrepreneurs
  • Absence of income and corporate tax
  • 100% profit and capital repatriation for investors
  • Appealing tax-free haven for businesses
  • Customized real estate facilities available
  • Quick issuance of UAE Visas for seamless operations
  • Option to choose from four unique free zone parks, catering to specific business needs


In the dynamic realm of business, RAK Free Trade Zone emerges as a compelling choice, offering not just land for development but a comprehensive ecosystem that nurtures growth and success. The seamless integration of Jumeira’ s expertise with RAK FTZ’s strategic advantages makes the business setup process smooth and hassle-free. As entrepreneurs explore the diverse opportunities that RAK FTZ presents, the land availability aspect stands tall as a symbol of unlimited potential and endless possibilities in this thriving economic hub.

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