How to obtain Tax Residency in UAE

The UAE government has always been accommodating of foreign nationals. As a country with great potential and unending opportunities, they have come up with numerous solutions to make the life of people easier. UAE Tax residency certificate is known to all, but what does it take to be a tax resident and how does it benefit the foreign nationals?

Who is a Tax Resident?

Any individual working and residing in the country are called tax residents in UAE. One can avail tax residency in UAE in several ways. An individual residing in the country for a minimum of 183 or more with a proper residential address to prove their authenticity is one step closer to attaining the tax residency status. One can also be a tax resident through employment contract or by attaining a resident visa through investing in immovable property or by setting up a business in the free zone and onshore.

Benefits of Tax Residency in UAE

  • No income or corporate tax
  • Benefits of double tax treaty
  • World-class IT infrastructure and logistics
  • Ideal location for trade with the East and West
  • Extensive opportunities for business
  • Dividend withdrawals without deductions
  • Protection on automatic tax information exchange

Want to avail Tax Residency status in UAE? All you have to do is:

  • Be a resident of the UAE:

Residing in the country for a minimum of 183 days or more will help you in achieving your goal of becoming a tax resident in UAE.

  • Have a resident visa:

In order to be a tax resident in the country, it is mandatory for every individual to own a resident visa. Every individual, shareholder, and even the company management should submit their resident visa to be a tax resident. UAE resident visa is allotted to people working or studying in UAE or even by investing in a business or buying a property or through retirement in the country.

  • Have a residential address:

It is compulsory for individuals to have a residential address and must also confirm their employment to be tax residents.

  • Have a UAE Bank account:

For individuals to attain tax residency status in UAE, having an account in a UAE bank is mandatory.

  • Have a proper source of income:

As tax residency certificate (TRC) must be submitted to avail the tax residency status in UAE, it is mandatory to have a proper source of income to get TRC.

Documents to be submitted to the government to secure tax residency status in UAE:

For individuals:

  • Resident visa:

One can register for a resident visa with their job contract or by setting up an onshore or offshore business in UAE.

  • Proof of residence:

The proof of residence must be submitted; it could be the lease agreement or utility bills of any kind.

  • Proof of income:

Opening a bank account in the country in which you can receive salary and dividends.

  • Tax residency certificate:

Tax Residency Certificate or TRC will be issued by the Federal Tax Authority once all the required documents are submitted.

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