Why Dubai is a Business Hotspot for European Entrepreneurs?

The United Arab Emirates has emerged as a significant trading hub and premier investment choice, driven by diverse economic sectors such as construction, export-import, logistics, trade, financial services, hospitality, event management, and tourism.

For various compelling reasons, the United Arab Emirates stands out as a preferred destination for numerous European entrepreneurs for Business Setup in Dubai.  Let’s explore the blog on the top reasons for European entrepreneurs to setup business in Dubai.

I. The Dubai economy is experiencing growth

Despite the ongoing impact of Covid-19, the UAE remains optimistic about its future and aims to boost its economy by 2030. Entrepreneurs, investors, and creative individuals can benefit from the country’s modern infrastructure, excellent connectivity, well-developed incubators and accelerators, a variety of incentives, and recent legislative changes.

II. Prime Geographical Location

Dubai’s strategic positioning and convenient access to the world’s three major continents make it an ideal hub for diverse economic activities, including international trade (import and export), logistics, tourism (hospitality), and event management.

Situated at the heart of the UAE’s extensive 400-mile coastline, Dubai serves as a central transit point for goods moving between the East and the West, leveraging its access to both sea and air routes.

III. Tax Structures and Regulations Favorable to Business

It is noteworthy that numerous business proprietors who select Dubai as their headquarters hail from countries and cities burdened by high tax rates, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and France.

The United Arab Emirates stands out as one of the most diverse and progressive economies in the Middle East and North Africa.

IV. An Ideal Environment for Living and Working

Dubai provides modern startup hubs, design centres, and strategic partnerships, offering entrepreneurs everything they need to establish and grow their businesses. A secure environment is essential for the thriving of businesses, and the UAE maintains an impressively low rate of severe crime. The UAE’s commitment to safety and stability extends beyond low crime rates, encompassing political stability and exceptionally high-security measures.

V. Attaining Residency in the UAE

The UAE is actively working to enhance its appeal to business owners, startups, entrepreneurs, and professionals. To achieve this goal, the country has introduced a range of visas to facilitate living and working in the UAE.

Upon initiating your business in Dubai or any other part of the UAE, you have the opportunity to obtain a residency visa for yourself, your team, and your family. This visa offers numerous advantages, including the ability to lease an apartment for an extended period, multiple entries and exits from the country, and the option to open a current account in the Bank of the UAE.

VI. Exceptional Healthcare Services

Healthcare in Dubai is overseen by the Ministry of Health and Prevention, ensuring top-notch services with highly qualified staff and outstanding facilities. Access to care is available to every resident of Dubai, and employers must provide health coverage for their employees’ expenses. Residents and visitors conscious of their fitness can indulge in Dubai’s delectable cuisine and pristine beaches

VII. Retain 100% of Profits and Capital

Dubai imposes no restrictions on the remittance of capital and profits, although many enterprises and businesses prefer to retain their funds within the United Arab Emirates due to Dubai’s tax-free status. Additionally, the UAE boasts zero foreign exchange restrictions, and the exchange rate between the UAE Dirham and the US dollar is more stable compared to other countries worldwide.

VIII. Superior Infrastructure and Transportation

Dubai boasts an exceptional public transportation system anchored by the renowned Dubai International Airport (DXB), connecting to over 260 destinations and served by 100 airlines worldwide. Recognized by the Airports Council International as the world’s fastest-growing and largest cargo and passenger hub, DXB provides unparalleled connectivity.

The WEF Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report consistently ranks the UAE’s infrastructure and transportation among the world’s best, encompassing well-developed roadways, high-quality air travel, and both aviation and maritime ports.

IX. Exceptional Living Standards

The UAE, particularly Dubai, offers a top-notch quality of life. The pleasant environment, supreme living standards, and high quality of life inspire entrepreneurs, fostering increased productivity. Dubai has emerged as one of the world’s most significant cities, attracting businesses globally due to strong government support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

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